Friday, August 30, 2019-Friday, September 6, 2019
It can confidently be said that Iran photography has an international privilege due to the prominent presence of Iranian photographers in journalism and art scene. Iranian rich poetry and literature and passing through tremendous political, cultural and social crises have had a great impact on recording outstanding and long-lasting photos from critical historical times. Even after decades, these photographs still remind the recent generations of the passion and efforts put into photography and the contributions they made to Iran art history. Among art photographers also some emerged whose artworks have been exhibited in the most important and well-known galleries and museums round the globe which is the proof of photography growing amidst other arts.

Mojdeh Art Gallery Annual Photo Exhibition is get-together photo show to exhibit a part of masterful art along with a chance for the young talented photographers to present themselves as their very first steps in this journey.

Babak Haghi, Curator